Monday, April 2, 2012

The Nikon D400 Camera - Most Anticipated Digital SLR in Years

The world of photography and cameras is a highly competitive market, where each purchase can amount to several thousand dollars. As a consumer, if you're going to be spending such a large chunk of money, you're going to want to research the best option. Sometimes, this means researching your purchase months before you actually make it. That is not just good for your photos but good for your pocketbook too. Lately though, the camera thousands of people have been looking into has not even been officially announced yet. This camera is the Nikon D400 digital SLR.

Now why would a camera be so highly anticipated before it's even announced as being a possibility by the company that makes it? In this case, the speculation has gone rampant. The current camera model in the same line is the Nikon D300, which brought nothing short of amazement among those who use it. The D300 received stellar reviews from Nikon fanatics and critics alike, and became one of the best received cameras in recent history.


Those high reviews gave people high expectations for the next product in the same line, and started the speculation of a Nikon D400 only a year after the D300 was released. Nikon tends to release the next model within a line between two and three years after the release of the previous model. This adds fuel to the D400 rumors as the two year mark comes on 23 August 2009.

The Nikon D400 Camera - Most Anticipated Digital SLR in Years

With that two year mark fast approaching, rumors surrounding the Nikon D400 are popping up like wildfire, and the speculation is coming from photographers and techies alike. Any fluctuation in the production of previous models gets quickly noticed, and thousands of avid Nikon watchers make posts on various related websites. Speculation and rumors on the specifications of the D400 range from being realistic but impressive, to completely out to lunch.

One thing everyone seems to agree on though is that after an amazing release in the form of the Nikon D300, there are very high expectations of the Nikon D400 camera. All Nikon fans and critics alike are going to be paying very close attention to the life cycle of this pending digital SLR. If Nikon can deliver on the D400 like they did on the D300 though, competitors like Canon, Kodak, and Pentax will all have a rough time claiming the market.

The Nikon D400 Camera - Most Anticipated Digital SLR in Years

For more information on news and rumors surrounding the Nikon D400 camera, feel free to visit Pat's website: Nikon D400

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